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MAJU TANAH LIAT SDN BHD is known as the famous mining industry in Malaysia which has been operating since 2011. We are a contractor under Menteri Besar Incorporated Perak. Our company supplies Ball Clay and also silica sand.

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Maju Tanah Liat Sdn Bhd has been supplying clay and sand for construction, manufacturing , ceramic , tiles, porcelain, paint and cosmetic industries worldwide. Our main exports were to middle East countries as well as Asian Regions.

Founder Dato' Abdullah

Dato’ Abdullah Bin Haji Hassan has more than 15 years of leading the operation in mining industries. Being the pioneer of the ball clay industry in Perak, and the first concession holder to operate to date, he has indirectly played the consultant roles to the industry. He has been regarded as one of the top royalty contributors to the Perak state.

What We Provide

Bulk Shipment Cargo

Bulk shipping is the transportation of goods in large quantity, usually not packed but loaded directly into a vessel. Such goods are ball clay and sand. These type of goods are referred to as bulk cargo.

Jumbo Bag Container

A flexible intermediate bulk container, jumbo, bulk bag, super sack, or big bag, is an industrial container made of flexible fabric that is designed for storing and transporting dry clay, sand, and ball clay.

Mining Machinery

Big in terms of vast quantities of materials handled 24 hours a day, by large machines with exceptional loading capacity; and big concerning considerable savings in your running costs.


Our sands are perfect for any construction and were inspected by the Bureau Veritas (International).

Ball Clay

Ball clays or plastic clays are fine-grained, highly plastic sedimentary clays, which fire to a light or near-white colour. They are used mainly in the manufacture of ceramic whiteware.

Site Location

Interested to visit our site? Our mining site is located at PT1779 MUKIM TRONG, 34800 TRONG, TAIPING, PERAK. Have a look at how we did our job and ready to be impressed.

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